On March 21st the High School Leadership Students culminated their 3 visits with our club by running the meeting.  Students from the 4 Livonia High Schools took over for our President and all of the other meeting volunteers such as; leader of the Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation, Singing (with a lively dance step to spice things up a little), 50/50 drawing and Sergeant at Arms.


Students from the 4 High Schools were: From Churchill High School; Megan McDonald and Michael Houghan, from Franklin High School; Sarah Hoffze, from Ladywood High School; Megan Vitale and Erica Mirabitur, and from Stevenson High School; Lindsay Dymond and Michael Gaitan.

The program presented by the students was a Power Point presentation highlighting all of the volunteer activities the students are involved with in their respective schools.

The Livonia Rotary Club has been involved with this program for many years.  Chairing the program was Past President Dr. Dale Coller.  Bringing the students from the schools were Past President Dr. Janet Haas, Will Lindley, Stacey Willey and President Elect Bob Moore.